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Biomedical Asset Management

The Bio Medical Engineering group of Centralized Medical Solutions has been providing Bio-Medical Equipment Maintenance Services (MEMS) for the past 10 years.

The POC HSC platform provides all the required asset management functions, vendor product information and maintenance database, customer inventory management, maintenance planning and scheduling, incident management, procurement, invoicing and all required regulatory and management reporting and analytics features to ensure compliance and efficiency.

The POC HSC platform is designed to be expanded to include custom features, additional reporting, analytics or planning functions.

The POC Bio-Medical Equipment Maintenance Services teams consist of experienced MEMS Program Managers and certified Bio Med technicians with a minimum of 5 years’ experience.

The POC MEMS Program Managers is responsible for the management of the customer relationship and related planning and reporting functions and coordination with the bio-med technicians, equipment vendors and liaison with the HS back-office operations and support and optional product development liaison.

In addition, they have mobile devices to access the POC HSC platform for schedules, workorders, equipment details, vendor and parts details and ability to create tickets.

Comprehensive Medical Equipment Maintenance Service Environment

Flexible Service Options

POC offers a number of options to suit the client’s specific requirements, including
Fully managed or outsourced service offering which includes the cloud-based HSC platform, a Program Manager responsible for the customer relationship, reporting, planning and resource management, and the bio-medical technicians responsible for periodic maintenance and diagnostics and repairs as needed.

The cloud-based HSC platform and Program Manager to support a client’s existing bio-medical technicians.

The Program Manager as a consultant to optimize a client’s existing environment and bio-medical technicians.

POC is also prepared to offer specific tailored solutions to our clients where the above mentioned packed offerings are not suitable.


With POC MEMS, our customers see these results:
Keep their focus on the core mission in patient care by outsourcing maintenance services
Optimize the utilization of their Medical Equipment inventory
Reduce costs related to technician staffing, training and certifications
Access to a sophisticated management system for planning, reporting and analytics
Regulatory compliance for reporting and equipment maintenance reporting, inventory management and vendor product information and parts data management.
Integration with internal systems regardless of platform
Reduced overall cost of bio-medical equipment maintenance

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