About Us

claritylifeins is a nationwide independent insurance agency that uses technology to provide ultra-convenient insurance education, brokerage and policyholder support services to make your life easier. The central focus point of our entire organization is delivering the absolute best experience and results for insurance consumers. We are not the insurance carrier or provider ourselves, we just help educate, connect, and facilitate your insurance purchase and ongoing policy management.

We believe that clear and efficient insurance planning is critical to the well-being of an individual and family. Adequate financial protection, particularly as one gets older, is a major contributing factor to whether or not a family will find themselves in an environment that facilitates peace, pride, and personal growth.

Our unique ability to take this philosophy and turn it into a superior set of services for our clients is a result of our deep understanding of our clients’ needs and concerns, our unique organizational structure, technological capabilities, and our passion for the task at hand.

We think the consumer insurance industry standard of old is not acceptable. We knew you wanted better. We wanted better for all of us. We put a lot of minds, technology, and late nights together to deliver this solution. It’s for you. It’s your insurance; efficient, and organized.