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meet our team

Point Of Care Consults Team

meet our team

Dr. Moses ChandranPresident / CEO

Doctor by Profession, with post- doctorate fellowship in Neuro- Pathology.

• Founder of Chicago Medisoft, Inc. and Zexton, Inc. built Movox system, (digital dictation units, and medical records software).

• Successfully launched Cmslinc, a life insurance search product.

• Founded CMS in 2004.

Email: mc@pocconsults.com

Kathleen VoldishManaging Director

Kathleen Voldish, CLC(AMT) started P.O.L. (physician office laboratory) Consultants, Inc. in 1989 after working in the field of hematology/oncology for 20+ years.

• She served 3 terms (6 years) on the ASCP's national Physician Office Laboratory (POL) Committee in preparation for CLIA regulations. She served as an ASCP State Advisor to N.J. and served as a Legislative Liaison to the Washington office of the ASCP. Prior to attaining her certification as an AMT Certified Laboratory Consultant she held an MLT ASCP and NCA register medical technician certification.

Patricia ZupanClinical Analytics Officer

Email: patricia@pocconsults.com

Mary LouClinical Analytics Officer

Marylou Morano Kjelle has worked in the healthcare industry as a consultant for over 40 years. She joined POC in 1993. She holds graduate degrees in both Science and English, and she has taught Science Writing at Rutgers University.

In addition to consulting and teaching, Marylou also writes and edits technical articles targeted to the healthcare industry. in 1993.

Email: marylou@pocconsults.com

Tony HuberVP of Business Platforms

Over 25 years experience in delivering advanced business process management solutions to large private and public sector organizations worldwide.

• Working with customers and range of technology and services partners to deliver innovative solutions and building long-term relationships.

• Experience in financial services, retail, manufacturing, distribution and public sector solutions with complex system integration requirements and usually very high volumes and reliability requirements.

Email: tonyhuber@pocconsults.com

Arvind Aithal Legal Council

Shalom Sandeep Director of International Operations

Over 10 years experience in Product Management and Software Engineering to deliver enterprise business solutions.

Shalom manages the complete product development life cycle from customer requirements, engineering, support and ongoing product enhancements.

He is also responsible for the operation of the enterprise solutions running in the cloud, customer support, MIS and SLA reporting and customer relationship management to maintain customer satisfaction.

Email: gs@pocconsults.com

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