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There are more than 8 OSHA regulations and guidelines that physician offices must be in comply with. OSHA can inspect your facility at any time, and fine you for any violation. Many physicians are only in compliance with the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard and have not addressed other OSHA standards. Ninety percent of the offices inspected are cited and fined for violations related to the Hazardous Communication, Occupational Exposure, Tuberculosis or Ergonomic standards! Safety is more important now than ever. All physicians are responsible for providing a safe work environment and educating their employees on safety policies. All safety training programs are accredited and customized to the facility and tasks performed. The following OSHA services are available:


Our OSHA program provides the most up-to-date safety information available. The program is customized to the tasks performed at your office. You can choose a power point presentation, classroom (oral) presentation or our new “safety game”. NO BORING GENERIC DVD’s or VIDEOS ARE USED! Each presentation comes with a handout and participants receive a certificate of training upon completing the program. Training booklets can be ordered separately to train new hires between annual programs.


Over 5,000 copies sold! It is written for a physician office - not a hospital. Easy to use and personalize. Manual is updated annually to include the most up-to-date regulatory information. If your manual is over 5 years old and has not been upgraded regularly, it is obsolete! We provide upgrades - free - for 6 months after purchase, then annual upgrades are offered for a nominal charge.


Our initial consultation is as thorough as it gets! Your office will have a 12-page report with corrective action plan before we leave your office. We also offer follow-up consultations to check on-going compliance. We give a Discount for multiple office practices.


If you are a first-time customer, this is a money-saving way to go. Includes initial consultation, OSHA manual, safety training, SDS’s and personalized policies.


HIPAA consultation, training and manual was added to our services in 2001. Our clients cannot get over how simple POC can make compliance. Why sit through endless seminars given by law firms trying to scare you into paying ridiculous fees to assist you? In a few hours we’ll have you ready to go!.


We offer consultations for both waived/PPM and non-waived (moderate/high) complexity labs. Our customized laboratory procedure manuals, sold nationally, can be ordered separately. Start-up evaluations for new labs, maintenance programs for existing labs, corrective action consults for post inspection and pre-inspection and quality assurance checks are available. We can help you select a proficiency testing program that is the most cost effective for the tests you perform. Our clients pass inspections with high scores. CLIA service fees are based on lab size, tests performed and reason for services.

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