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Our Main Focus Assisting Physicians To Meet Federal Regulations
  • OSHA Regulations – Safety: Point of Care Consults Offers Compliance Evaluations
  • Safety Training Programs
  • OSHA Safety Manual
  • CLIA – Laboratory: Point Of care Consults Offers Compliance Evaluations For Waived/PPM Labs and Non Waived (moderate & high complexity) Labs, Laboratory Procedure Manuals With QA Plan
  • HIPAA – Privacy & Security: Office Evaluation For Compliance
  • HIPAA Policy Manual
  • HIPAA Staff Training Program
  • And More!
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Point Of Care Consults offers a complete line of services, policy manuals and accredited training programs customized to the regulatory needs of the specialty of your practice.

6 Steps to Optimize Your Plan, Price, and Peace of Mind:


Identify your Current Situation


OSHA Safety Training booklets


Continuining Education Credits


Laboratory New Year Reminders


Ergonomics and OSHA


HIPAA Training Program

  • Receive a Phone Call within 24 Hours after you contact us
  • POC Staff is ready to help you in all your Safety and Regulatory Compliance
  • Register to our Online Storage and Organization System
Engineered for your convenience and cost efficiency

Point of care consults offers the following powerful features:

Best Service

Entire Marketplace of Policy Options to Easily Identify Best Price

OSHA Safety Training

Ready-to-Help Personal Counselors for Guidance and Expert Advice


The Most User-Friendly Education Tools to Learn & Understand Your Options


Ongoing Client Service and Policy Management System

Approval Convenience

Easily determine your Regulatory Compliance with our consultants

User-Friendly Education and Safety Training Programs.

Price. Convenience. Peace of Mind.